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Bruce Li in The Dragon Lives (1977)

  • from: fightcon
  • uploaded: Feb 19, 2013
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This movie is also known as "He's A Legend, He's A Hero". i dedicate this movie to HaRdtekkMinimal20. Enjoy. 1st things 1st, the following review is for The Dragon Lives(not to be confused with "Bruce Lee:The Man,the Myth" which also happens to be entitled "The Dragon Lives" in some countries), starring the man himself, Ho Chung Tao. Having seen and collected virtually every attempted Bruce Lee biopic, I had The Dragon Lives to arrive a couple of days ago, and having watched it for the 1st time in life(I swear, this movie got NO play in ATL back in the 80's), my overall impression was that TDLives, in comparison to the other biopics, was one of the WEIRDEST approaches to the life of Bruce Lee one could ever imagine. Here we have a Bruce Lee who acts HOKEY and BUFFOONISH(reminding you more of Jackie Chan at 1st than Bruce Lee), a persistent GOOD OMEN/BAD OMEN THEME/SEQUENCE(w/t thunderbolts, earthquakes and all),a terribly happy-go-lucky soundtrack, exagerrated on-the-spot challenges/feuds, and a rather STRANGE approach to his death(a rather long, drawn out, and over-killed sex scene with Betty Ting Pei, after which he laughs like a madman before "dying"). However, the positives are the way Bruce's character is matured with experience, the action/fight choreography is strong(awesome recreations of Big Boss and Fist of Fury are there), and even his "feud" with the "boxing champion" from the Long Beach competition, in my opinion, gave us a glimpse at what might have been had Bruce Lee and Muhammad Ali gotten into the ring and squared off. Pretty much, TDLives is to Bruce Lee:The Man,the Myth as the Last Temptation of Christ would be in comparison and contrast with the Passion of the Christ. Great movie, lots of action, lots of laughs(via the comical,Jackie Chan-like approach to Bruce's character), and it was true to the time in which Bruce Lee lived...however, contrary to the claims of the production team, TDLives is far from being the most accurate Bruce Lee biopic. There's only a glimpse of his marriage and Brandon Lee(no Shannon) and then he jumps into an affair and "dies" laughing. WEIRD, and for once I'd recommend Bruce Lee:A Dragon Story

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