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Front Kick Tutorial 1.0

  • from: SenseiGrove
  • uploaded: Feb 11, 2012
  • Hits: 82
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This is from a Soryu Karate ????? perspective, but I tried to open the technique up to several other styles and be open for improvements and challenges. I do present these tutorials as theory because I do recognize that one type of front kick will not be appropriate for ever sparring, training or survival situation.

Trinity Martial Arts
Soryu Karate

Karate Front Kick
Mea Geri/???
I.) Striking surface options, bottom of foot, heel or ball of foot.
II.) Target areas include face, chest, abdominal, ribs, grion, inside thiegh, knee (front, side, back) and shin.

III.) Proper "fold",
1) foot up to knee
2) extend kick out
3) retract foot back to knee
4) plant foot on ground.

Muay Thai
Front Kick; Te Trong/??????
Push Kick; Thip Trong/?????? translates to "foot" "jab"

Tae Kwon Do
Front Kick; Ap Chagi/???

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