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Jeff Yang on Awesome Asian Bad Guys

  • from: fightcon
  • uploaded: Mar 26, 2013
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The Wall Street Journal's Jeff Yang drops knowledge about movie bad guys and offers his support for the "amazing" (his term not ours) web series Awesome Asian Bad Guys.

Check out the Awesome Asian Bad Guys Kickstarter page, pledge whatever you can and please help spread the word. Thanks!


Kickstarter Pitch Video

Awesome Asian Bad Guys
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Awesome Asian Bad Guys

AABG Web Series Update #2

AABG Web Series Update #1

Watch the original Awesome Asian Bad Guys video here:

This video features the following song:
"Oh Wee" by Immortal Beats

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This video is about:
Awesome Asian Bad Guys
Jeff Yang
Wall Street Journal
National Film Society
Web Series

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