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Marshall and Forest Law (Bruce Lee) - Tekken Movelists IRL [Eric Jacobus]

  • from: fightcon
  • uploaded: Mar 1, 2016
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The spirit of Bruce Lee is alive in and well in Tekken's "Law"! Watch stuntman Eric Jacobus replicate their movelists! Stay tuned for the Catastrophic Cat Cameo's special weapon - The One-Inch Paw! #CHALLENGERJACOBUS
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Twitter: @ericjacobus

Breakdown - Marshall and Forest Law share almost identical movelists in Tekken Tag 2, with the exception of Marshall's Dragon Knuckle setup, a few kicks, and a variation on the default throw. Law's movelist is riddled with multiple versions of his "somersault" kick (backflip kick), even though Bruce Lee only performed this move on camera with the assistance of stunt double Yuen Wah. Aside from Tekken, nearly every game franchise has a Bruce Lee character, a testament to the man's amazing persona.

Eric Jacobus is a stuntman and actor based in San Francisco and Los Angeles, CA. Vickie is an Abyssinian cat model currently residing in Beverly Hills, CA. He takes regular fan mail.

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