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Okinawan Kyusho (急所) and Kiko (気功) (All in One)

  • from: fightcon
  • uploaded: Jun 26, 2012
  • Hits: 185
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An Introduction to Okinawan Kyusho and Kiko (沖縄の急所と気功入門) © 1994 Ryan Parker

This tape covers the basic theories for bunkai using the basic techniques (kihon-waza) found in the Classical (Seito) Kata as examples. It also covers how these theories relate to the form of vital point fighting called kyusho-jutsu or chibudi [tsubo-te]. These are the so-called "hidden techniques" (kakushi-te AKA himitsu waza) of the Ryukyu martial-arts.

It also covers some very basic Okinawan kiko (qi-gong). These kiko methods are the ki exercises of the Ryukyu martial-arts. These are similar to the Iron-Shirt and Golden-Bell Cover methods of Qi-Gong in terms of both practices and effects.

Information about my background can be found here:

A good source of information on Kiko is:

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