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What is "Defense" in Martial Arts? (Part One)

  • from: fightcon
  • uploaded: Jul 4, 2012
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In this clip, Master Su discusses "defense." More specifically he raises various questions, some by implication: What is "defense" in martial arts? Why is it that what constitutes "defense" in, for example, basketball, is very different from that of baseball or american football? Would these ideas of what constitutes "defense" work in boxing and Judo? Could a definition of "defense" for Martial Arts be the same as what is found in boxing or Judo?

What would be a definition for "defense" that applies to Martial Arts in general?

Master Su introduces the term used in Chinese and Japanese: "Bougyo" (防御) and breaks it down into its component parts. A more thorough discussion of each component will be presented in subsequent video clips.

This clip is from the Essence of Evolution seminars hosted by Si Fu Elio in October of 2010 at his school Natural Motion Systems in Miami, FL. Many thanks to Si Fu Elio for his warm hospitality. This footage was generously donated by a "k'ung-fu dad" - we thank him for his generosity. This clip is from the beginning of Day two of three.

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