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  • uploaded March 16, 2015

This is the last episode of the Midnight Movie Cowboys for 2014, an interview with the infamous Johnnyray Gasca, the only man ever to be charged, and jailed for video piracy. Here Johnnyray talks about his trial, the incidents leading up to it, and his love for bootlegging Shaw Brothers Kung Fu films. He actually tells the truth about many of the things he did, including stealing his first VCR, selling and distributing Shaw Brother films on video and then on DVD.

Steals First VCR 01:01:00
Makes $90,000 from Bootlegging Kung Fu Films 01:10:00
After Prison Begins Selling DVDs 01:16:45
Had Stores 01:19:00
Sells BlueRays 2014 01:21:00
Selling Kung Fu Bootlegged Movies to Support His Movie "The Gathering" in 2014 01:21:00
Never Sold American Films 01:24:40
Studios Don't Care About Pirating 01:36:38
Second Sentence for Bootlegging 7 Years Served 6 Years 01:48:23
First Prison Sentence 3 Years for Shooting Friend for Stealing 01:48:50
Uploads Almost Got Away With It Show After Cutting Out Violent Abuse Scene Not True 01:50:00
Benefits of Almost Got Away With It Show 01:52:00

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