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Click Below For Instructional Kicking Series

Flexibility for kicking tutorial
ElasticSteel Paul shows a few techniques to increase the height of the side kick. (Focus on the supporting leg)High side kick to the rescue of high side kick
Work the techniques in the order shown. Master each exercise in progression. Do start the later part of the video which involves stretching and strengthning in extended length of the muscles, before strengthing and conditioning.
This also helps for a
high roundhouse kick and for a
high hook kick.
Korean Martial Arts and other martial arts as well.
Tae Kwon Do


High Side Kick High Kick High Kicks

Martial ArtsTraining Karate Training Kick Training Kicking Training

The DVD also shows high front kick, and many of their variations. High round house kick and many variations and high hook kick.

Also learn how to develop power in a side kick for a powerful side kick. Powerful front kick, strong and power rouhouse kick and powerful hook kick.
Speed of kicking techniques is also develop.
Learn how to train for fast and powerful kicks.


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