Ju Jitzu Expert (1933)



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"No longer need Eve fear attack - a few deft movements and even the toughest opponent can be made to bite the dust." M/S of a set representing a seedy back alley in the docks area or something similar. There are barrels and boxes piled up and a lamppost. Woman and man walk towards each other. Closer shot as the man reaches forward to grab the woman, she fends him off. They struggle, she manages to knock him to the ground whereupon she falls on top of him and pins his hands to the ground. M/S of the two again (this time in different clothes).

She does some nifty self defence in a Ju Jitzu style, bending his arm back and flooring him. He gets up and (after much fumbling) produces a knife. She grabs his arm and again forces him to the ground. Girl power! She kneels on his arm. Another scenario. The man takes off his hat as a woman walks past and then lunges for the woman. She grabs him and forces him down. C/U of the man on the ground. She is holding his head down with some kind of martial arts technique. A technique for throwing a man over your shoulder is shown - this time they really go for it - a big fight ensues. The woman is of course the victor and she makes him eat dust! Fantastic!

Was an item in Eve's Film Review issue number 610.

Safety print - original decomposed.
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