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In this DVD Master Pantazi focuses on the traditional 6 Ji hands of the Bubishi, a treasure among the oldest classic martial arts texts, and its application to specific techniques on vital points. These hand weapons were ideal for attacking the Blood systems of the body causing not only immediate incapacitation, but over time internal bleeding lead to delayed fatal consequence. However as intriguing as these unique hand positions and their affects are, they are not a plausible or even practicable method in modern times.There is hope though, as these Ji Hands can be and are perfect delivery systems for the more modern adaption of Kyusho (Vital Point) applications. By attacking these structures, more immediate incapacitation is possible as it was with the ancient Dim Mak method, but with no ill or damaging effects per say. These secrets have revealed themselves over decades of research and hands on training utilizing Kyusho to incapacitate and the refinement of the attacking methods. It has brought us full circle to again embrace the ancient ways so that it is not lost to time or by the rule of man.
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