New Van Beats Bandits (1965)



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Birmingham, West Midlands.

C/U newspaper headlines: "Masked gang grab 8,000 mailbags" and "20,000 raid on London Bank" and "London Bandits Grab 13,000". L/S Securicor armoured van coming towards camera. C/U bogus workmen. Two Securicor men walk towards camera and are attacked but, thanks to martial arts training, the Securicor men over power the robbers. M/S armoured car drawing up outside bank. Man takes bag from armoured car, the bag is attached by electrified wire lead to the armoured car. Various shots bandits attacking man carrying briefcase, they are warded off by coloured smoke coming out of bag.

M/S new Armatic armoured van coming towards camera. Panning shot from bank to guard walking to the van with two money bags. C/U bags being put in special compartment of the van. Interior of the van as the bags are moved along a conveyor to the centre of the van. C/U wiring of the computer which operates safety devices. C/U brakes being applied automatically.

Exterior of the van; chrome bars slide out of side to stop hijacking. M/S inventor Gerald Day opening rear door to show armour-plated strong box inside van. He then holds out a strip of metal and another man starts to cut it with a welding torch. C/U metal being cut. The torch is applied to the ventilator on the strong box. An extinguisher in the ventilator is automatically activated and the torch is put out. M/S armoured car being driven away.
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