The Art of Taikwondo (1970)



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The Art of Tailkwando. Holland.

Big CU Piece of wood being smashed. Mans fist comes through it. He then moves away and reveals a class of pupils under instruction in Taikwondo. Man in front of class bows as they start exercises. CU Instructor punching. SV Class as they come towards camera doing exercises. SV Class exercising. Camera goes into CU on one man. SV Two men doing karate. SCU The two men in slow mot- ion and one of them puts his foot to the other mans jaw.

CU Man. Pan up to show another man on his shoulders holding some roof tiles. SV As man runs forward and he kicks the tiles the man is holding. SV The above action in slow motion. Man runs forward and he kicks the tiles. CU. Two men holding a square of wood. SV Pan man runs and jumps over back of 4 people and he smashes the wood. The two men are holding with his foot. SV Pan the above action in slow motion. He smashes the wood.
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