USA Savate : Documentary of the Histroy of Boxe Francaise



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  • uploaded May 7, 2013

see the history of savate in this one of a kind documentary that reaches to eht soul of the French Martial art of Savate French Foot Fighting. See first hand the passion of this western fighting system as told by its living legends. Savate Boxe Francasie has chagned the face of martial arts by influenciung many systems known today, sparked an interest in Bruce Lee to creat his Jeet Kune Do. Sauvateurs have fought and beaten the champions of most kick boxing arts since its beginings in the 1800s. See the first salle its historical training halls where they used to be, its legendary world Champions as well as the professerus that trained them...Travle from Texas where the 1st school of savate is in the US to Paris accross to Lyonn, Aix and Marsielle in search of the core spirirt of this Fighting system .

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