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Wing Chun excerpt from the 2010 movie Kung Fu Wing Chun. The movie is about the 1st person to learn and practice a new and unique style of Kung Fu of which later would be named after. That person was a young girl named Yim Wing Chun. The movie stars Jing Bai as the young Yim Wing Chun and Shao Qun Yu as Leung Bao Chou who later becomes her husband. The movie has some great action sequences and some very funny moments. This movie is a must see for Kung Fu fans and Wing Chun practitioners!
PS - For those with sharp eyes and good memory Master Ng Mui is played by none other than Kara Hui, a veteran Shaw Brothers actress/martial artist who has starred in many (and I mean many!) movies and TV shows in Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan. Still hot as ever!

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