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  • uploaded February 1, 2020

Enjoy watching the kicks and punches of Japanese martial arts actor Tak Sakaguchi. Tak Sakaguchi is one of the best action and martial arts actors as well as a comedic actor in cinema in japan. See him in the comedy "Why Don't You Play in Hell", he played the role of a follower of Bruce Lee, using his kung fu style.

Movies used in this mashup video:
"Why Don't You Play in Hell" - funny comedy with a funny action in the end
"Deadball" - very cool action trash film, directed by Yudai Yamaguchi
"Yakuza Weapon" - Tak Sakaguchi and bad fight scenes?, no, it never happens, fight scenes were brilliant
"What Girls Want" or "Hijoshi zukan" - some classic kung fu fight scenes from Wheels on Meal
"Mutant Girls Squad" - bloody combat from awesome girls
"Be a Man! Samurai School" - brutal study in Japan
"Kamen Rider Kabuto", (episodes 41-45) - done in the style of Power Rangers
"Shinobi" - it was awesome movie
"Death Trance" - bandits and zombies in the woods
"Cromartie High School" or "Chromartie High" - strange japanese school
"Battlefield Baseball" - another very strange japanese school
"Versus" or "The Ultimate Versus" - awesome film (director's debut of Ryuhei Kitamura) with awesome japanese kung fu and good swordfight
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