Born Warriors: Outtakes Part 2



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  • uploaded June 7, 2016

Born Warriors: Outtakes Part 2 of our outtakes series takes a further look at Lethwei's training routines visiting a once popular camp in Mandalay. Poverty and a scarcity of tournaments typically force Lethwei fighters to train anywhere they can - from spartan backyards to temple grounds. Some Burmese Lethwei camps manage to cobble together a reasonable amount of equipment, but the resources of most fall far below the level of the poorest and most basic Muay Thai camps in Thailand. The situation is slowly changing, but this glimpse from the past shows how, even in the worst conditions, fighters can train hard and gain advantage in the ring.
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Official Selection
2014 Myanmar (Burma) Film Festival -- Special Award
2014 Ocktober Film Festival
2014 Bakersfield Film Festival
2014 Big Apple Film Festival
2015 Hudson Valley International Film Festival
2015 Los Angeles Movie Awards - WINNER BEST DOCUMENTARY

From the forthcoming DVD set BORN WARRIORS available soon!

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