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Back to 1969 Bruce Lee, James Coburn and Stirling Silliphant had been trying to put together a project to be called "Silent Flute". 20th Century Fox agreed to do it, but on a tiny budget and providing that it could be shot in India. They spent weeks location hunting there and finally decided it was a waste of time. In Nepal Bruce Lee saw a pagoda and it gave him the idea for "Game of Death". Bruce only filmed 1/3 of this movie before being interrupted to film the eventual Hollywood smash hit "Enter the Dragon". In the summer of 1972 he begin filming some outdoor footage in Hong Kong new territories and between August and October of the same year he filmed the 3 final floors with the fight scenes of the guardians of the pagoda..(Dan Inosanto, Ji Han Jae and Kareem Abdul Jabbar)

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