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  • uploaded March 5, 2015 - Watch this amazing inspirational and motivational compilation of the most inspirational people I know. Every one of the "Masters of the Martial Arts" in the video has dedicated a large portion of their lives learning, growing and inspiring people. It is almost an unwritten rule that you have to be a motivational speaker that goes out of your way to learn the best way to motivate and inspire people to greatness.

Martial Arts instructors and masters deliver motivational speeches every day in their classes. These are often referred to as power talks, mat chats, etc. By delivering these message multiple times a day, 6 days a week, you start to live the life of a role model who shares their secrets of success. I look up to each and every one of the amazing business people in this video. Thank you to each and every one of you for helping me learn how to become more successful in business and life!
- Sensei Ryan

Full List of Masters Featured (in order):
Instructor Somi, Pro Taekwondo -
Mr. Frank Silverman, Executive Director, MAIA -
Mr. Mike Metzger, MAIA Consultant, MAIA -
Ms. Kii LBert, Championship Martial Arts -
Master Jason Flame, Tang Soo Do University & MAIA -
Mr. Adam Parman, Tonchu Martial Arts & MAIA -
Ms. Heidi Chapman, Pak's Karate Louisiana -
Master Lisa Susko, Jindo Martial Arts -
Master Mike Bank, Capital Karate SC -
Mr. Akil Acevedo,
Mr. Michael Brewster, Okinawan Karate School -
Mr. Chuck Cordova, Peoples Kenpo Karate -
Master Erik, Pro Taekwondo -
Master George Sky, Sky Centers Martial Arts -
Mr. Josh Henkel, Kim's Taekwondo -
Ms. Demitra Shade, Top Notch Taekwondo Martial Arts Academy -
Mr. Mike Nebgen, Meyerland Martial Arts -
Shihan Tony Abatecola, USA Karate -


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