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  • uploaded March 18, 2013

Nexersys combines the intensity of strike training, the sophistication and electronic interface of fast-paced gaming, and the accountability and motivation of a personal trainer. Nexersys marks a major step forward in interactive, professional-grade fitness equipment for home users and commercial gyms. Nexersys delivers a High Intensity mixed martial arts (MMA) Interval Training workout through 4 minute technique, strike, core and cardio video training and Avatar sparring and follow-me rounds. There are 7 strike pads located in 3 strikes zones (head, body and legs). The accelerometers in each strike pad capture extensive data on each strike and send that data to the Nexersys computer where it is processed delivering individualized performance feedback to the user. Feedback includes accuracy, pace, power, heart rate, caloric burn and points. Pads are calibrated to know the difference between strikes used in strike training and touches used in cardio and core training as well as male and female users. Nexersys has programs for beginners, intermediate and advanced fitness levels, providing an effective fitness experience for all users.


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