Part 1/6 - Dan Inosanto and Diana Lee Inosanto Interview



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  • uploaded April 26, 2016

One of the questions that always gets asked is how Diana got her name “Diana Lee Inosanto.” Guru Dan Inosanto explains that Diana got her name “Diana Lee” from his closet friend at the time, and instructor, Bruce Lee. Guru Dan stated, “I was in awe of him (Bruce Lee) and named Diana after him because he was my favorite person at that time and thought it would be pretty cool to be named after Bruce Lee!” When asked about Bruce’s reaction, he said that Bruce was pretty thrilled and said it was quite an honor. Bruce was Guru Dan’s favorite person and closest friend at that time in his life.

Back in 1964 when Bruce Lee was in Los Angeles for about a month and half for demonstrations, he didn’t have his partner Taky Kimura with him and asked if Guru Dan would be his ‘fall guy’ for his Kung Fu demonstrations. Guru Dan explains he fell in love with Bruce Lee’s teachings and was amazed at how progressive he was.


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