Media Part 2/6 - Dan Inosanto and Diana Lee Inosanto Interview



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  • uploaded April 26, 2016

Diana recalls being a young actress and witnessing a lot of sexual harassment toward women in Hollywood. When people found out who she was, that harassment toward her stopped immediately. She says reputation of family is strong and how she was raised to be a strong woman with many strong influences in her life. Her grandmother, Guru Dan’s mother, was a very strong influence. Graduated high school at the age of 16 as valedictorian and was awarded a scholarship to Stanford, when they only allowed five females in at the time.

Guru Dan’s father, Diana’s grandfather, was forced by circumstances to become a political activist. He established a Farmer’s Union back before Cesar Chavez. Spent four years with no support, and while it never manifested, he planted the seeds for the future. Upon his death, Cesar Chavez sent representatives to pay their respects.

That generation had to work hard to be accepted into mainstream America. Guru Dan’s Aunt Flora was first Filipino graduate at UCLA. Went to school with Jackie Robinson who was first African-American to break into baseball and Kenny Washington, first African-American to break into professional football. These are the people that set the tone and who he admires. Aunt Flora became one of the first Filipino teachers in Stockton and probably in California.


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