Singa Fist: Singapore's Homegrown Martial Art | 10 Things You Don't Know About Singapore



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  • uploaded March 20, 2019

Learn about Singapore's homegrown martial art, Singa Fist - a combination of 8 different martial arts. Watch Jonathan Lim learn some moves!

About 10 Things You Don't Know About Singapore

Actor, director and writer Jonathan Lim dedicates the hour to uncovering new twists and tidbits behind historical tales, figures and places you thought you knew about Singapore but actually did not. For example, did you know that Singapore’s most infamous red light district is also its most religious? Or that Singapore imports more Scotch per capita than any other country? Or that its people get so little sleep that every night, even Singaporean babies sleep 2 hours less than their Western counterparts? Prepare to have your mind blown not once, but ten times over, in 10 Things You Don’t Know about Singapore!

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