What's Your Style? - Ep. 06 - Mattias Persson - M. A. T. T. Combatives



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  • uploaded August 21, 2019

Mattias Persson has taught over 100 workshops around Europe teaching all kinds of different people: civilians, corporate personnel, traditional arts instructors and law enforcement personnel and has gotten a strong following in Europe.
In 2007 Mattias Persson founded M.A.T.T Combatives using many martial influences from both Eastern and Western disciplines to teach combative training, self defence and traditional arts. M.A.T.T stands for Martial Art Tactical Transition.
Combative training and self defence are taught using AMOK!’s methodology (founded by Tom Sotis).
It is a unique method to teach in a logical and systematic way. Formatting teaching into various courses of varying lengths.
This methodology is to constantly strive for evolution within exciting courses and to inspire the development of new courses.
Web: http://mattcombatives.com/
Instagram: https://instagram.com/mattcombatives
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MATT-Combatives-270269346379473/

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